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13 Jul - 28 SEP 2013


This ongoing exhibition which runs until the end of September dialogues between two generations of artists with a result of how contemporary art has resonated minimal and conceptual art movements almost into one. How all the ideologies have shifted and even contradicted them in a society in which the concept of abandon is present in the way the artworks take concepts, technique, tradition or styles from the past, contextualize them in the present and then abandon them for the future.

With this show and with a concept part of a statement, Parra & Romero Gallery embarks a new adventure, opening up a unique space in the heart of a rural Ibiza. It will be a place that will host sitespecific projects with the aim of creating a point of encounter and reunion for artists, curators,
museums and friends.

Since the 30’s with the arrival of famous characters of the European Culture to Ibiza such as Walther Benjamin, Tristan Tzara, Raul Haussman, Man Ray and many more, up to the present, the island has been a bastion for intellectuals.

This project has primarily the aim and the spirit of preserving very much that essence.

Participating artists:
Lara Almarcegui, Ibon Aranberri, Rosa Barba, Robert Barry, Stefan Brüggemann, Luis Camnitzer, Alejandro Cesarco, Martin Creed, Philippe Decrauzat, Germaine Kruip, David Lamelas, Jonathan Monk, Paloma Polo, Diego Santome, Thomas Scheibitz, Mario Garcia Torres, Oriol Vilanova and Lawrence Weiner.

Open Monday to Saturday from 7 to 10:00pm and by appointment: +34679447733

Carretera San Miguel to Santa Gertrudis, Km 2,300 (behind ITV)
Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

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